Since its inception in 2009, YLMP has hosted a number of academics internationally recognised as leaders in their fields. The thoughts they kindly shared with us are testament to YLMP’s position as one of Europe’s leading linguistic conferences for young researchers.

Prof. Stephanie Schnurr (University of Warwick, UK): Plenary speaker and workshop leader at YLMP 2018

Prof. Marc Brysbaert (Ghent University, Belgium)

Plenary speaker and workshop leader at YLMP 2018

Prof. Gary Massey (ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland):

Plenary speaker and workshop leader at YLMP 2018

Prof. Kevin Harvey (University of Nottingham), UK:

Plenary speaker and workshop leader at YLMP 2012

Prof. Gerlinde Mautner (Vienna University of Economisc and Business):
I very much enjoyed YLMP 2012. It was an honour and a pleasure to deliver a plenary to such a receptive and friendly audience. I have many happy memories of the conference – VIP treatment by the faultlessly professional organisers, really interesting papers by an impressive array of very talented young linguists, and all that against the backdrop of a stunningly beautiful city. All the best for YLMP 2014, which I’m sure will also be a resounding success. Many “Old Linguists’ Meetings” could take a leaf out of your book… 

Dr. Alexander Rapp (Die Universitatsklinik fur Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie: die Arbeitsgruppe Kognitive Neuropsychiatrie, Tubingen)
“I definitively enjoyed my time at the YLMP every minute: the organisation was perfect and couldn´t be better, the venue is ideal for the meeting, but the best thing was the fresh and stimulating atmosphere during the meeting. A lot has been said about problems to arouse interest for research in students these days, but meetings like the YLMP are definitively an absolutely excellent idea. I can only advice young colleagues to join the 2010 meeting! The meeting is as well brilliant for non-linguists who want to learn in this field, really interdisciplinary in its very best sense! It would be a pleasure for me to come back in 2010.”

Prof. Patrick Hanks (Charles University in Prague):
“YLMP 2009 was a most impressive and enjoyable event. It was organized by junior faculty and research students, but was in no way inferior to longer-established senior linguistic congresses. The quality of the selected papers was first class, with some well-researched and thought-provoking contributions, presented in a professional style. The organization and admin. was faultless. Perhaps because the congress was organized by young Polish academics and attended by young linguics from all over the world, it was especially notable for its buzz of intellectual excitement and enthusiasm. The choice of visiting speakers was imaginative, with a stimulating interdisciplinary mixture. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to attend, to meet new people, and to learn so much. Well done, YLMP! I wish you equally successful congresses in future years. The future of linguistics in Poznan is in good hands.”